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Get the best cell phone deals not available in stores! Online shopping is completely safe and secure. Most retailers use the highest level of security currently available for e-commerce users.

Lets Talk

Extensive selection of wireless products and services. Cheap prepaid Nokia cell phones, rebate phones and free handsets with service plans. LetsTalk was founded in July, 1999 and is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Consumer Electronics store with cellular products. Here you can find the latest smartphones or camera phones. Deals with Cingular and Verizon Wireless, Nextel and T-Mobile.

Abt Electronics
Abt Electronics is one of the leading independent retailers of consumer electronics and appliances. Abt Electronics has been in business for over 69 years. Abt is a family owned business. They have online prepaid phonecards & wireless cell phone products. Services provided by Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon and Nextel.
Prepaid cell phones from Amazon is an easy way to go wireless. They also have a section for “best sellers” and best cell phone deals. As a cell phone retailer Amazon offers AT&T cell phone deals and T-mobile cell phone deals. Current deals on Nokia cell phones: Nokia 3390, Nokia 3360, Nokia 3361 and Nokia 6360.

Free cell phones

Some web services also collect the information on wireless plans, phones, and the latest promotions so you don’t have to it! Yu can compare cell phones, monthly minutes and more from wireless providers side by side and get the best deal. Some also offer a free phone, free accessories free shipping, and short contracts.

If you need some advice for buying the best cell phone and plan you some online compare service. With such a service you can compare cell phone deals online and get the best Nokia cell phone deals for your needs.Offers sometimes include free nokia cell phones.

Prepaid cell phones

Simply put, the choise is between signing up for a contract or going for a prepaid cell phone. With contract deals you get a cheap or a free handset, but the service contract commits you to using using a certain network, at a certain tariff, for a minimum period. Prepaid cell phone programs allows you to go on a “pay as u go” basis.

With a prepaid cell phone option you can buy the phone in a package with connection to the network and a bit of free airtime. You simply buy additional prepaid cellular cards, as you need them. You may terminate the service anytime by simply not loading additional airtime. You are not committed to paying a monthly fee and there is no minimum contract period. With a prepaid cell phone you have more control over time and money. Prepaid cell phones can be bought without any contractual obligations, and without any deposit required. Prepaid cell phones can be used right away and you donĀ“t have to activate and register before using it. Remember that a prepaid cell phone often do have a higher per-minute cost.

+ No monthly service fees or bills
+ No security deposits. Some monthly plans may require a deposit.
+ Better cost control. You know exactly how much you will spend.

– More expensive on a per minute basis.
– Sometimes, not all services are included.
– Extras, like long distance calls may cost a lot more.

Pre-pay cards
If you have an old mobile phone that you would like convert to pre-pay a pre-pay SIM card is one option.

SIM free cell phones
The phone is purchased without a network connection and without a SIM-card. If you want to buy the latest phones on the market and be flexible about your choice of network a SIM free cellular deal is a good choice. First choose your new SIM free cell phone and then buy individual pre-paid SIM-cards separate from the handset.

If you are under 18 and not eligible for a pay monthly contract then a SIM free pay as you go cell phone would be your only alternative. This kind of deal is ideal if give the phone to your child and want to avoid overuse and large bills.

However, handsets bought on a pay monthly contract or “pay as u go” are usually cheaper as they are heavily subsidised by the networks.

Pay monthly cell phone deals
With a pay monthly contract cellular, you sign up to an airtime tariff contract with a cellular network for a longer period (usually 12 months). Then you pay each month a line rental fee. If you are an active phone user a monthly cell phone contract is good for you. The lower call rates will almost certainly make up for the connection charge and monthly line rental fees.

+ Low per minute tariffs
+ Better rates on international calls
+ Access to premium services

– Committed to pay the monthly fee
– Minimum (usually 12 month) contract term

Cell phone upgrade The most cost effective way of changing your old handset for a more up to date is by ‘upgrading’. The fee for upgrading usually reduces substantially after the first 12 months.

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